18 Nov 2015

The @bkysc programs are so effective because they are geared to the specific needs of our members. One of our unique programs is called the Better Athlete Coalition (BAC). The BAC program is designed to train and educate motivated 8th grade student-athletes to excel on the court and in the classroom. Ultimately, the goal of this program is to prepare student-athletes for success in high school and beyond. This is a selective program and we believe participation to be a privilege; student-athletes are held to very high standards in basketball, in school, and in life. The BAC curriculum addresses two key issues: reading skills and academic mindset. The reading skills portion of the curriculum focuses on comprehensive literacy. The goal is to read with greater understanding, to improve test-taking skills and enhance student’s vocabulary. The academic mindset portion of the curriculum focuses on the mindset of student athletes in regards to schoolwork and life. The goal is to place greater emphasis on academics and character at an earlier age. The BAC workouts emphasize the importance of form, fundamentals and hard work. The workouts aim to increase not only skills but also basketball IQ. In addition to work in the classroom, the objective of character development is accomplished through guest speakers, mentorship, community service and field trips. The BAC program runs from October to April and meets twice a week for over 50 sessions. By creating a consistent environment, themes of accountability and commitment are reinforced.

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